Birthday Bash Giveaway!

In celebration of hitting the big 3 and 2 , I am giving away to 2 lucky people the entire set of my Under The Sea printables collection available from Itsy Bitsy Printables worth $7.48!

You can earn upto 8 entries. Visit here to join in! Ends July 3rd 7pm CST

A-Z Phonics (Magnet/ Sticker Sheets)

How To Download

Option 1
Download the entire set with one link for $1 via paypal
by clicking the "Buy Now" button below.

Option 2
Download each letter indvidually for free below.

Aa   Bb   Cc   Dd   Ee   Ff   Gg   Hh   Ii

Jj   Kk   Ll   Mm   Nn   Oo   Pp   Qq   Rr

Ss   Tt   Uu   Vv   Ww   Xx   Yy   Zz

How To Use These Printables

- Print on cardstock

- Show child the sheet. Say the letter name and letter sound. Have child repeat.

- Trace the letter, have the child trace the letter.

- Have the child use magnets or any other small manipulatives (pennies, buttons, etc.) to place on the white dots. Stickers can also be used.



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